About The Family Garden

The Family Garden is a non-profit parenting center in Longmont, Colorado.

The Family Garden is a resource hub offering education, inspiration and community for families throughout pregnancy, birth and early childhood. Services include child birth classes, yoga and fitness classes, parenting education, parent/child activities, support groups, health and wellness education, and community building. Many different philosophies and approaches to child birth and parenting are presented without judgment or advocacy for a particular view.

All services (with the exception of child care) are offered on a sliding scale based on ability to pay, allowing community members to freely access the support and information they need to build healthy, happy families.  Child care is available on site and the facility is warm and inviting with a fitness studio, locker room and shower, classroom space, living room, and free wi-fi and beverages provided.  Primary funding is being generously offered by a private family foundation.

Debbie Lane, Founder & ED
Debbie Lane, Founder & ED

Founder and Executive Director, Debbie Lane, has a long history in the Longmont community and is a practicing doula and child birth educator.  This project has been her passion for several years.  As a certified doula and Birthing from Within mentor, Debbie understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman and other family members during this process.  Her goal for The Family Garden is to provide comfort, support and resources before, during and after a birth, and help build strong, healthy families in the area she calls home.

Every birth is a miracle, and all life forms create a sacred, interdependent web on this Earth.  At The Family Garden all ages, belief systems, cultures and lifestyles are celebrated.

SteveCo-Founder and Director, Steve Szabo, has worked in Telecommunications for most of his career and currently works on renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives.  He also served on the I Have A Dream Foundation board of directors for nine years and still serves on their finance committee, and is the co-founder of PV-Pioneers a clean energy focused non-profit.  Steve decided to assist his wife Debbie Lane in her long term dream of developing a space where families can participate in pre and post natal fitness and birth education classes.



Magical Beginnings • Healthy Families • Inspired Lives



The Family Garden is a gathering place offering education, inspiration and community for families throughout pregnancy, birth and early childhood.



Education – Actively support area families and share perspectives, philosophies and resources without judgment or hidden agendas

Community – build networks of care to support and connect members of the community with one another, enable communication, and expand collaboration

Wellness – Nurture healthy, happy mothers, children and families; and reduce incidents of abuse, neglect, poor health and alienation

Inclusion – extend a hand of welcome to all members of every segment of society, and create a safe-haven for learning, networking and personal growth

Respect – honor all viewpoints, all cultures, all lifestyle choices… and work to ensure that community members honor each other

Advocacy – Inspire area families to action, and take a stand for those who are struggling