Spring Vegetables!

Posted by Jodie Popma   on April 11, 2017
Category :Diet & Nutrition
Every season has its own wonderful uniqueness. Summer provides us with amazing produce and long days. Fall has cool nights and pumpkin patches, winter is cold and soups always hit the spot. Farmers markets start opening in spring and berries appear at grocery stores. I love making a Saturday morning trip to the Farmers Market with my family, it is a wonderful way to connect with the community and meet local farmers. It is soRead More
At this time of year many people tend to do “spring cleaning” in the home, so I thought it would be fun to share some information about the importance of spring cleaning to help keep our mind and body happy and healthy. According to Chinese Medicine, the Liver and Gallbladder are the internal organs associated with spring. This article will provide background and discuss the importance of taking special care of these vital organs throughoutRead More
One of the best ways we can expose our children to a variety of healthy foods is by eating them during pregnancy as well as while breastfeeding. Julie Mennella, a biopsychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philidellphia, has been one of the leading researchers investigating the effect of early exposures on the development of taste . Since 1991, she has published a range of studies from the affects of maternal garlic intake on breastRead More
Here are some musical activities to keep in your tool bag to pull when you see the crankys setting in with your children. (and yourself!) 1. Have some plastic food storage containers, big plastic or wooden spoons, plastic ice trays… handy in your kitchen for the children to play on while you sing or listen to music in the kitchen. 2. Put them on your lap and bounce and sway while you sing songs likeRead More


Posted by Kelly McConnell   on March 23, 2017
Category :Fitness, Yoga
If you are reading this there is a good chance you are an athlete who is curious about how yoga will help you recover after your training sessions. As a Massage Therapist for athletes I have multiple clients coming into my office in pain or with injuries from sports training. I also have many students come into my Yoga Sculpt Class (a very fitness oriented yoga class with weights) that skip the yoga to addRead More
What do white folks mean when we say we “don’t see color” when it comes to race? Or when we tell our kids “we are all the same”? I can recall these sorts of proclamations made by the adults in my life—parents, teachers, family friends—and how they quickly taught me to pretend not to see what I was really seeing about others, as well as what I was internalizing about my own whiteness. The silenceRead More
Recently I have been noticing a trend on social media that has been making me wonder. I see photos with a hashtag; slow down and many versions of this: #slowdownbaby, #slowdownlittleone #slowdowntime.  I was thinking it was appearing a lot and thought well before I write about this let me see, I was shocked with a very quick search when I found over 30 different versions of this hashtag on Instagram, with quick math ofRead More
Are you up for a challenge?!   This St. Patrick’s Day, we challenge you to see how many green foods you can get on your family’s plate.   And of course we are talking natural green foods here. They have benefits artificial colors cannot match.   Green foods get their color from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives us energy and helps keep cravings to a minimum. Plus it has been shown to help support healthy blood sugarRead More

Savasana: The Art of Doing Nothing

Posted by Brie Michalik   on February 28, 2017
Category :Yoga
Years ago, one of my fellow teachers said to me, “if you can’t make five minutes for yourself, take an hour. You need it!” I never forgot it. Those words ring true in so many lives, the exact way they did for me that day. With nowhere to go, and nothing to do, how do we meet ourselves in relaxation? Our Yoga practice helps us discover what directs us and also what blocks us fromRead More

Working with our Energetic System

Posted by Amy Dela Terre   on February 14, 2017
Category :Yoga
Would you like to feel more grounded and confident, healthy, vibrant, open and loving, joyful, empowered, present, clear of purpose, spirituality aware and connected? Learning to work with and bring balance to your own energy system can enhance your well-bring on so many levels! When our energy is moving freely, like water rushing in a stream, it’s flow is steady, balanced, and unhindered in it’s forward progress, and so too, are we. But when ourRead More