Meadowview Shopping Center
Great news! We have officially signed our lease and The Family Garden will be located at the intersection of Airport Road and Nelson Road in southwest Longmont. The interior space will have hard wood floors throughout, and include a yoga/fitness studio as well as a living room-type classroom space for comfortable meetings. A childcare room will be separate but visible from education and fitness activity areas. We'll have regular updates and photos coming soon - so keep reading!Read More
It’s a well know fact that breast milk is best for baby. It’s always the perfect food for your infant. For working moms, it’s sometimes a challenge to continue to provide a child with breast milk after returning to work. This article may give you one more reason to keep breastfeeding! A recent IRS ruling and support from the First Lady may help working moms continue to provide nature’s perfect food after returning to work.Read More
Father Watching His Infant Sleep
Fatherhood may be a kick in the old testosterone, but it may also help keep a man alive. New research suggests that dads are a little less likely to die of heart-related problems than childless men are. The study - by the AARP, the government and several universities - is the largest ever on male fertility and mortality, involving nearly 138,000 men.Read More
Mother and baby
Be aware, the shampoo you might be using on your infant. It could be loaded with dangerous toxins. Johnson and Johnson is under fire for the ingredients in it’s baby shampoo.Read More
Prenatal Food Choices
New research shows that what you eat while you are pregnant helps form your baby’s palate for life. Some flavors can be transmitted to the amniotic fluid and mother’s milk. Your baby may be forming memories for flavors of the food you eat, which can effect what foods they will like later in life. So if you want a child who will eat fruits and vegetables without a fuss, eat those healthy foods during your pregnancy.Read More