Can We Slow Down Time?

Recently I have been noticing a trend on social media that has been making me wonder. I see photos with a hashtag; slow down and many versions of this: #slowdownbaby, #slowdownlittleone #slowdowntime.  I was thinking it was appearing a lot and thought well before I write about this let me see, I was shocked with a very quick search when I found over 30 different versions of this hashtag on Instagram, with quick math of the amount of posts 1,137,552! Over a million posts can be found about, so it has me wondering….


Why?  Why does this seem to go so fast? Is time really moving that quickly? We all have 24 hours in a day with 365 days in a year.  As I continued to think about this I had a thought, we are busy….. It’s true life moves at a faster pace as we are connected, with emails, text messages & instant messages; everything happens in a moment and as it does it takes us from the moment.  Pulls us away from what we were doing and puts us into reaction.


As a mom with two little ones, I am growing a business while still working some and mostly home raising our kids I know this happens to me often, I start doing one thing and a message comes through & I stop to quickly answer it.  There are text messages, instant messages, emails, and messages on voxer. I can hop on social media to check something real fast and do a quick post & loose over an hour in the blink of an eye.  In this age of being so connected we are loosing connection.  Trust me technology is great and has given me the ability to stay connected to my business and to truly grow it while being home with my kids.  But my heart was still heavy thinking about these million posts asking our kids to slow down.  The funny thing is if you talk with a child time for them is moving slow.  Driving any distance with children you are sure to hear “are we there yet?’   I remember back as a kid when summer felt like it went on forever.


Watching these amazing babies become toddlers, kids to teenagers to young adults, it can be a whirlwind for sure. Sometimes you can put them down for nap and you can visually see they have grown up some when they wake. They are learning, growing and changing in every moment. I realize we are so busy and on the go, sports, laundry, meals, dishes and all the many other things we juggle and do in our 24 hours, oh yeah don’t forget some time to sleep in there too!


When I had my first son, I was also certified as a yoga instructor.  We had to a project called: living your yoga; taking yoga off of your mat and into your life.  My project was on the present moment.  For one month I had a timer set for 3 times a day and when it would go off I had to notice my thoughts.  Were they in the moment, were they thinking about something in the past or in the future? I had a journal with me and would make a quick note.  It was an amazing project that has helped me be more present, in every aspect of my life.  It has also made me love being in the moment!


I invite you to just stop for a little bit and connect. First to connect back to yourself for a moment, to your breath, to slow down your thinking and allow yourself to be more present. Then to connect to those you love. I have times in my day that I put my phone on do not disturb so that I can have undisturbed time with my kids, doing what they want to do.  We have a rule of no screens at the table when we have meals together so we can just talk.


Life does move faster in this age of technology while we juggle our very full schedule and the full schedules of our family. It’s true we can’t slow down our children as they grow but we can make time slow down by just allowing ourselves sometime to be in this moment, enjoying those that we love & enjoying the beauty around us. Find sometime to step away from busy in your life, if it is going for a walk or gardening just taking some time to connect to yourself, those you love and to nature.


Will we still look back and wonder how they grew up so quick; defiantly, but we are not here to just be busy through life we are here to enjoy the amazing life we have been given, to enjoy the amazing people we have in our life and especially those we have been given the great honor to raise. How will you choose to step away from busy?



Liz Daniels is a yoga instructor and owns her own health food agency.  She believes in inspiring healthy living planning4health for both body and mind.  Offering simple, all natural and sustainable ways to live healthy & reduce toxins in our homes and bodies.  Follow her on Facebook at planning4health or on instagram @planning4hlth


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