Breastfeeding & Infant Care

Learn the valuable techniques to caring for your newborn, including breastfeeding and massaging.

Newborn Care Class

11:15am-1:15pm on Saturday, June 10th
Instructor: Annie Youngman
$40/couple (and grandparents are welcome too)

You are expecting a baby! Congratulations! Your world is about to change in exciting, wonderful, exhausting, and manageable ways. You can handle it I swear! This class will help prepare you for your lifetime role as parents, which is just as important as a healthy and informed pregnancy and birth. The class will help you to understand normal infant behavior (and most of it IS normal!), bonding and the essentials of newborn care.
Feeling confident and educated can help make those first months go from chaos to calm (importantly, it will also help you handle the chaos)! This class will cover newborn care basics, such as bathing, feeding, and diapering, along with useful tips to soothe a fussy baby, when to call the pediatrician, and address concerns about sleep. There will also be a tips about maintaining balance and sanity as you adjust to parenthood.
Partners and grandparents are encouraged to attend too!
Please reserve your spot, registration will be closed 24 hours before event.



Breastfeeding Foundations

11:00am-1:30pm on Saturday, July 8th
Instructor: Nichole Didelot, Lo Kawulok
Additional Dates for this Workshop 4/8, 7/8, 10/14
Nichole and Lo believe child-rearing is a powerful and mysterious human experience, in which breastfeeding plays a valuable role. You many wonder, how could such a profound practice be so challenging? Whether you’re the one preparing to feed your baby, or are someone who will be supporting the breastfeeding dyad, I hope you will find it empowering to explore breastfeeding through an anthropological lens. We will explore how women have been feeding their babies from the beginning of time and how to protect the Magical Hour after the birth. You will most likely be met with fears, challenges and a lot of joy, which is why I hope you find community on which to lean if needed.
Reserve your spot, reservations will be closed 24 hours before event.


Infant Massage

Saturday May 13th 11:15-12:45pm
Instructor: Brenda Shover
Cost: $45.00
Additional dates for workshop 8/12 – 11/11

Infant Massage is a 90 minute class for Mama and/or Daddy and Baby, full of fun and bonding. This class will focus on the benefits and techniques of infant massage for colic, reflux, gas, general relaxation and sleep. Many babies need to work up to a full body massage so you will receive a detailed packet of information about massage and a starter bottle of massage oil for you to take home. This class is for soon-to-be Mamas and Daddies and for those with babies newborn up to pre-walking.
Price is per couple with baby. Demo dolls are provided for those expecting. Please wear light layers for yourself as the room will be warm. Be sure to bring a soft blanket, change of clothing for baby and anything needed for a feeding. Sometimes massage makes a little one hungry!



Milk Circle

Wednesdays 10:00-11:00am
Instructor: Nichole Didelot, Lo Kawulok
Cost: Free! (Child care available $4 or use your punch card)

Come join us for support and community and share a cup of tea. You may weigh your baby before and after feeds and check in with a Certified Lactation Counselor, as well as, speaking with other families about their journeys around feeding baby from the very first days to introducing solids and weening.



About the Sliding Scale

As a non-profit, it is a critical part of The Family Garden’s mission that we offer services to all our community members – not just those who are able to pay full price. We offer a standing discount on a sliding scale to local families based on your annual household income. All you have to do is check the appropriate box on your initial Attendee Form and Liability Waiver when you come in for your first class and we’ll set a standing discount of up to 50% for all our classes and programs for your account! Click here for discount tiers and more information.


At The Family Garden we celebrate you and your little ones, and we recognize how important it is for you to take the time to learn, socialize and care for yourself.  That is where our childcare program comes in!

We offer child care in our beautifully equipped child care room during many classes and programs.  Not every class has child care available, so please double check the listing to verify availability. We recommend you come a little early to sign your child in and get them settled.  Child care is first come, first served so for some of the busier classes there is always a chance that our child care room will have reached capacity and we will not be able to accommodate your child. There will be a charge of $4/child for drop in child care or you may purchase a child care punch card – 5 punches for $18.75 – 10 punches for $35.  Please view our Child Care Policies page for more details.