Support & Parenting

Gather in community with others to give and receive support and education in your parenting journey.

Dad’s Group

Instructor: Uri Talmor
May 27th
Cost: Free Child Care Available $4 or use your punch card
Becoming a father changes everything in your life. Primary intimate relationships are almost always challenging to navigate, and these challenges increases significantly once we become parents. As fathers we often times feel very isolated in our experiences. This dad group is a safe place to navigate these changes while receiving support from other fathers going through the same life transitions.


Empowering Kids: Workshops on Race & Justice

Instructor: Marissa Tafura
Thursday, May 25th 6:00-7:30pm
Cost: $40/per person per workshop

Empowering Kids through Activism
We’ll build on our kids’ natural inclination to challenge what is unfair, and learn how we can incorporate kid-accessible, educational, and fun activism into our children’s lives.

For parents, educators, and anyone who works with kids or has kids in their life!


Let’s Talk About Sleep Baby!

Wednesday May 17th 6:15-7:15pm
Instructor: Suzy Burger
Cost: $12 or use your punch card
Sleep is essential to family harmony and it can be difficult to get enough sleep with little ones at home. Join us for an informal sleep circle where you will leave with an overall better understanding of sleep as well as some tips specific to your situation. Parents, caregivers, infants and drop-ins are all welcome.


Moms in the Workforce

Saturdays from 9:30-10:30am
Instructor: Harmony Kwiker
Cost: Free! (Child care available for $4/child or use your child care punch card)
A Saturday morning group to support Moms balancing work life inside and outside the home.


Milk Circle

Wednesdays 10:00-11:00am
Instructor: Nichole Didelot & Lo Kawulok
Cost: Free! (Child care available for $4/child or use your child care punch card)

Come join us for support and community and share a cup of tea. You may weigh your baby before and after feeds and check in with a Certified Lactation Counselor, as well as, speaking with other families about their journeys around feeding baby.



Mindful Motherhood (Free!)

Instructor: Harmony Kwiker
May 8th and May 22nd Mondays 12:00-1:00pm
Cost: Free! (Child care is available for $4/child)

Motherhood presents a unique opportunity to transform and grow in a profound way. In bearing witness to the emotional journey that is uniquely yours, motherhood becomes an empowering experience where the rhythm of your inner state is reflected in the rhythm of your daily life. In this group we will honor the challenging experiences of motherhood with intention, compassion, and love, and we will celebrate the joys of motherhood with exuberance and laughter. Meditations, visualizations, and ceremony will also be incorporated into our time together.



Parents with Infants Group

Thursdays from 11:45-12:45pm
Instructor: Nichole Jones
Cost: Free! (Child care available for $4/child or use your child care punch card)

For postpartum families with babies from newborn up until they are mobile. This group provides a safe place to connect, receive support, and build community with other new parents. Drop-ins are always welcome and your infants are also welcome in the group.


Parents of Toddlers Group

Mondays 9:45-10:45am
Instructor: Nichole Jones
Cost: Free! (Child care available for $4/child or use your child care punch card)

Join us for a parents only group where you can take an hour to be with other moms and dads, share what is going on in your life as the parent of a toddler and gain the community and support that comes from listening and sharing with others in a similar stage of parenting. We ask that no children be brought in to the group so that it is a safe place to share whatever topics are coming up for you and to enable us to focus on the sharing (rather than tending to the little ones.) (Child care available for $3/child or use your child care punch card)


Postpartum Community Group

Monday, May 1st and May 15th from 11:00-12:00pm
Facilitator: Nichole Jones, LPC
Cost: Free!(Child care available for $4/child or use your child care punch card)

When a child is born, so is a mother. Our physical bodies, emotional life, and identities all change, frequently in ways that we are not prepared for. This group is a safe space to explore the emotional ups and downs of becoming a mother as you evolve into your new self. The focus is always based on what you bring to the group. Frequent topics include: depression/anxiety, birth trauma, intrusive thoughts, loneliness and isolation, and troubles with your partner. I am honored to serve the mamas of our community with this compassionate, free group aimed at supporting you on your mothering journey.


About the Sliding Scale

As a non-profit, it is a critical part of The Family Garden’s mission that we offer services to all our community members – not just those who are able to pay full price. We offer a standing discount on a sliding scale to local families based on your annual household income. All you have to do is check the appropriate box on your initial Attendee Form and Liability Waiver when you come in for your first class and we’ll set a standing discount of up to 50% for all our classes and programs for your account! Click here for discount tiers and more information.


At The Family Garden we celebrate you and your little ones, and we recognize how important it is for you to take the time to learn, socialize and care for yourself.  That is where our childcare program comes in!

We offer child care in our beautifully equipped child care room during many classes and programs.  Not every class has child care available, so please double check the listing to verify availability. We recommend you come a little early to sign your child in and get them settled.  Child care is first come, first served so for some of the busier classes there is always a chance that our child care room will have reached capacity and we will not be able to accommodate your child. There will be a charge of $4/child for drop in child care or you may purchase a child care punch card – 5 punches for $18.75 – 10 punches for $35 or 20 punches for $60.  Please view our Child Care Policies page for more details.