You Might Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day… Eat Green too!

Are you up for a challenge?!


This St. Patrick’s Day, we challenge you to see how many green foods you can get on your family’s plate.


And of course we are talking natural green foods here. They have benefits artificial colors cannot match.


Green foods get their color from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives us energy and helps keep cravings to a minimum. Plus it has been shown to help support healthy blood sugar levels. The power of the nutrients in deep green leafy vegetables to heal and rejuvenate your body is remarkable.


Some ideas for you:

-make green eggs (add finely chopped spinach) and ham with toast + avocado for breakfast

-Kale chips (homemade or storebought) and celery with your lunch

-Pesto pasta for dinner

-And for snack, a mint chocolate chip shake!:

1 Tbsp cacao nibs

1 frozen banana

1 tsp fresh mint

Large handful mixed greens

2/3 cup coconut milk


Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth, using more coconut milk if necessary. Serves 1- increase the ingredients to serve more.

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